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Where Being Original is Greatness



Once aspired to be a Lawyer, 

Once wanted to be a Pilot,

Once wanted to be  perfect in everything,

One thing I became . . . . Original

What is the OG Update Blog?

Thee OriGinal Update Blog is a Website/Blog created specifically to showcase photography, art , talents, cars/trucks, fashion, music, and  everyday actions and activities that we know as a lifestyle. Our motto is “Put Everybody On” . Also features one of the 3 live Vlog shows UP IN HERE LIVE! which will feature interview segments, fashion reviews and local and worldwide issues and Topics. Also features topics like funniest social vid of the week, Top Model of the City and more! This site that has a little information for everyone. Especially for the DC, Maryland,Virginia and  surrounding areas that have so much potential and talents but nowhere to showcase it, or to post it and actually be heard. The OGUpdateBlog would like to be one of the first few websites to provide that service as well as providing recreational information that can help us stay aware in this world we live in…

New Content Coming 2019!!! 


  • ALL PHOTOS TAKEN BY OGUPDATEBLOG/ Original Shootz Photography Verified Photographers. Otherwise Credit given on each photo.